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Software Tester Salary In India

A software tester is an important cog in the wheel of the IT industry specifically in the software segment (designing and fabrication).The software tester also assumes the roles of QA analyst, Testing Analysis, Software Analyst, Software Engineer, and QA Engineer depending upon the stage or level at which any specific software is used. So, software testers are also actively engaged in debugging, identifying the various malwares or viruses that might affect a computer or computer systems or networks. In fact, a software tester is involved with any troubleshooting task that you can envisage of as far as software’s are concerned. Continue reading

Selenium Interview Questions With Answers

  1. What is Automation testing?

Automation testing or Test Automation is a process of automating the manual process to test the application/system under test. Automation testing involves use to a separate testing tool which lets you create test scripts which can be executed repeatedly and doesn’t require any manual intervention.

  1. When do we use Selenium Grid?

When want to run same or different test scripts on multiple platforms at a time, we use selenium grid. This helps us to test under various environments and also the loss of time consumed for testing is reduced. Continue reading

What Is Software Testing? Why We Need Testing?


Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product: Meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development. It can also be stated as the process of VALIDATING and VERIFYING that a software program or application or product.


Verification is the process to make sure the product satisfies the conditions imposed at the start of the development phase. In other words, to make sure the product behaves the way we want it to. Continue reading

Manual Interview Questions With Answers For Experienced Candidates

1: Question: What is Exploratory Testing and when should it be performed?

Answer: The definition of Exploratory Testing is “simultaneous test design and execution” against an application. This means that the tester uses her domain knowledge and testing experience to predict where and under what conditions the system might behave unexpectedly. As the tester starts exploring the system, new test design ideas are thought of on the fly and executed against the software under test.

On an exploratory testing session, the tester executes a chain of actions against the system, each action depends on the result of the previous action, hence the outcome of the result of the actions could influence what the tester does next, therefore the test sessions are not identical. Continue reading

What is ISTQB Agile Tester and Benefits of Agile Certification?

ISTQB has introduced a new certification known as ISTQB Agile Tester Certification Extension. Software development and testing in an agile project follow a significantly different approach compared to regular software projects. Testers who are part of the agile projects need to have a good understanding of the agile software development processes, the testing methodologies, the difference in testing between traditional and agile approaches, tool and techniques in the Agile project etc.


Who is eligible to take up the ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Certification?

You need to be ISTQB Foundation Level certified before you can take up the Agile Tester Extension Certification. Continue reading

What is ISTQB and Benefits of ISTQB in INDIA:

What is ISTQB?

ISTQB Certification is an internationally accepted software testing certification that is conducted online by its Member Boards through a testing Exam Provider. An Exam Provider is an organization licensed by a Member Board(s) to offer exams locally and internationally including online testing certification.

Benefits of ISTQB in INDIA:

  • This is an online testing certification which can be taken up by anyone from IT or from a non-IT field.
  • The certification has 3 levels and ISTQB Foundation Level certification does not require any work experience.
  • This software testing certification is the most widely recognized and fastest-growing software test certification in the world.
  • ISTQB certification will not expire like the CSTP certification which is valid only for three years and after that, testers need to qualify again to keep their certification.

This certification is divided into 3 levels:

  • Foundation level certification
  • Advance level certification
  • Expert level certification

How QA learning  help you to crack this exam and to get the job?

QA learning help you out to crack this exam very easily as well as get job according to this stream. we have expert facility and they are experienced in real time environment  so students get live idea of this field and  also know the  get solution of critical problems which one can face in live projects.

Top 20 Manual Testing Interview Question Answers For Fresher’s

Being a good manual tester and to crack interview easily here are some important software testing interview question answers for fresher’s. With the help of these questions, you can get knowledge of basic concepts of testing which help you a lot in the practical environment as well as in an interview.

  1. What are verification and validation?

Verification: a process of evaluating work-products of a development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that phase. Continue reading

What is ISTQB Certification & its benefits ?

Are you looking for an internationally recognized certification in software testing?


Then this post is for all those readers who are thinking to plan their Career in “Software testing”. Professional testers, Test managers, or those who are currently persuing their graduation & masters in BCA, M.Tech, MCA, B.Tech, BSc.IT etc in any stream can opt for this Certification. The contents in this post will let you know about an “ISTQB Certification” and its Benefits for a Job as well as career. Anyone associated with software testing must be aware of the ISTQB certification.

Continue reading

Scope of Software Testing in India

Think what if !

  • An ATM machine is not tested?
  • A Bus which you are traveling is not tested?
  • The water filter which you use to drink water is not tested?
  • The toys with which your children playing is not tested?
  • A Doctor has not tested your blood when you went for medication?
  • Have a mechanic not tested the bike you are driving?

When everywhere it has its own impact and scope, the same applies to Software or Hardware. The Indian IT industry is mostly services based industry which rely mostly on two types of jobs: software development and software testing (QA). Hence, Software testing and development engineers have unique growth paths with similarities & therefore Software testing is one of the best career options to choose in IT.

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